Design concept for the Italian haute couture house Schiaparelli.
Schiaparelli is a haute couture house created by avant-garde Italian fashion designer Elsa Schiaparelli in 1927.

The house is known for its eccentric fashion, its use of surrealism in its collections, its sense of humor, and its use of images of the human anatomy.
design concept
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I wanted to reflect this extravagance, surrealism and challenge in the design concept.

Therefore, I use an unusual grid, fantasy fonts and decorative elements in the form of an eye. All this rhymes perfectly with the collections and spirit of the brand.
Despite the unusualness of the site, it remains functional - with convenient navigation, a well-thought-out structure, an understandable catalog and a shopping cart.

Unfortunately, Schiaparelli did not contact me for a redesign, but you can contact me and we will make something equally unique)