Sreda Psychology

Platform for professional psychological training and information.
Olga Shevchenko, psychologist and creator of the Sreda space, turned to the task of creating an educational resource both for people interested in psychology and for professional psychologists.

The portal partly acts as an aggregator for online courses that Olga already had, it should also provide for the possibility of buying webinars, checklists and automatic access to personal accounts after payment.

psychological portal design
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Analysis of competitors showed that such resources are often overloaded - it is difficult to navigate and find the information you need.

Therefore, the main task was to make the most versatile, friendly site with a clear structure and light, airy design.
Big and boundless gratitude to Masha for her work. She created the SREDA psychology website and several landing pages for me!

Masha was able to bring the general concept of the brand to the site and fill the design with uniqueness. The tasks that the site should perform are very high quality, convenient and understandable!

This is a truly unique project. I have never seen such details. Nice to see and be a user of such a site!
The portal provides both the purchase of courses, webinars, checklists, as well as free materials. Therefore, an important task was to automate the purchase / registration process and thus relieve the burden on the owner of the portal for accepting payments and communicating with customers.

I set up the payment system, registration in personal accounts and the purchase process so that access to the materials occurs automatically and without the participation of the administrator, which made life much easier :)